Membership benefits

Great Community
Located in downtown Hartford, CT.
Water, Tea & Coffee
Subsidized gourmet coffee, tea and water.
Lounge & Kitchen
Grab a bite and connect with your fellow coworkers
Meeting Rooms
Enjoy unlimited acess to our meeting rooms.
High Speed Internet
Secure cable connection + Wi-Fi
Print, Scan & Fax
Never again worry about running out of ink.


Open Co-work


150/ mo

  • Unassigned desk in our open co-work space
  • All items must be taken with you at the end of the day
  • Coffee, tea, still, and sparkling water
  • Access to our member network
  • Member-only events
  • Fast Wi-Fi and printing
  • Access to lounge and kitchen

Thinkpad Suite


400/ mo

  • A dedicated desk for you and your team in a private office.
  • Prices range based on size, from $400-$650
  • Desktops can be set up and left overnight.
  • Perfect for a 2-6 person team.
  • Comes with a lockable office and filing cabinet for your personal belongings.
  • Coffee, tea, still, and sparkling water
  • Access to community's online member network
  • Member-only events
  • Fast Wi-Fi and prints
  • Access to lounge and kitchen

Home Office Suite


1750/ mo

  • Redefine your work life balance with our loft home office apartments.
  • Work and live in downtown Hartford in the historic Cast Iron Building.
  • Fully furnished loft style apartments
  • Open space concept, abundant natural light, exposed brick, and inspiring charm!
  • Lofts range between 1600 to 1850 SF
  • 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms
  • Full access to co-working space and amenities for an additional $100 per person


Are your agreements really month to month?

Yes. Our memberships are flexible month-to-month commitments that provide you with a work space along with many other services you need to grow your business. However, we also have annual memberships that come with a dedicated office and includes many more services.

What is included in a ThinkPad or Home Office Suite?

Your ThinkSynergy ThinkPad and Home Office Suites includes desks, chairs, desk lamps, and lockable filing cabinets. You’re also welcome to bring in additional or alternate furniture.

Is the WIFI really free?

Yes. Office have both hard-wired (Ethernet) connections as well as access to WiFi. Private IP addresses and server storage are available at an additional cost.

How do members book conference rooms?

Your membership comes with conference room credits that correlate with your office size. These credits are good as long as you have a current membership.

Where are the printers located, and will everyone have access?

Yes, everyone has access to printing and copying. Each floor at ThinkSynergy has at least one multi-function copier/scanner/printer. Your membership comes with 120 black & white copies and 20 color prints (or copies) per desk.

What amenities come with a ThinkSynergy membership?

From break rooms and kitchens, to ping pong tables, you will find that offer a fun mix of amenities to go along with business enhancements like bike storage, wifi, printing, and office space. You will also have access to purified water and coffee. Coffee is fuel for connection, creativity, and collaboration. Ours is Stone Street – fair trade and micro-roasted in Brooklyn.

Do you host events for members only?

Yes! ThinkSynergy s a community of industry leaders and innovative entrepreneurs. As a member, you'll meet and connect with like-minded people and established companies at our weekly and monthly events. Check out some of our past events to learn more!

Do you offer access to healthcare?

Yes. ThinkSynergy members are eligible for discounted health care and HR solutions with our partner, TriNet. Learn more about getting benefits for your team.

Can I easily change my type of membership?

Yes! We are here to help you grow your business and be flexible during good times and rough times. If the membership of your choice is available, simply fill out your exit form for your current membership 30 days prior. The security deposit from your previous office will be transferred and you’ll pay the difference if you’ve moved to a larger space at the new location.

Do you have a referral program for members?

Absolutely! We are happy to help your friends and colleagues! Our referral program rewards ThinkSynergy members with 10% off one month’s membership fee after their official move in along with 10% off the first month for the person referred.

My company has outgrown its current space. Can ThinkSynergy build spaces for teams larger than 6 people?

Yes. We’re happy to help! If our building can accommodate your needs, we will alter any floor or space, if available, to fit your company’s needs.

Think you’ve found your next office space?