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Welcome to ThinkSynergy.
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Office space isn’t just about having a desk and a chair. It’s about being a part of a passionate  community that motivates you to be more. Our co-working space offers memberships for solopreneurs, startups and larger companies with teams. Our mission is to inspire action, create growth, and develop synergy between like-minded entrepreneurs.


Open Desks

A personal workspace in one of our common areas. Printing, wifi, and full use of amenities are included.


Event Room

Ignite inspiration in our fully furnished event room equipped with wifi and multimedia.


Team Offices

Private offices that can accommodate teams of up to 6 people. Fully furnished, secured, and move in ready.


Loft Apartments

Redefine your work life balance in one of our loft-style apartments. It's the new way to work.

Want to grow your business?

If you’re an established business, our member services are designed to blend seamlessly into your existing processes to position your company for growth. Think of us as extension of your team, providing you with the manpower, resources, and knowledge to bring your company to the next level.


In order to grow, you need a clear picture of where you stand financially. Our team will provide accounting support in the form of payables, receiveables, tax, assurance, financial and valuation services.

Legal Consultation

On the legal front, we can address issues related to entity formation, intellectual property protection, compliance with employment laws, tax planning, and financing.

Business Plan Writing

A great business plan is used to monitor progress, hold yourself accountable, and control the business's fate. And of course, it's a sales and recruiting tool for courting key employees or future investors. We'll make sure it's done properly.

Supply Chain Management

Our team will optimize your operations to maximize speed and efficiency in managing the movement of your materials, the internal processing of materials into finished goods, and the movement of finished goods out to the consumer.


Marketing is extremely important for all businesses because it has a huge influence on the way consumers make purchasing decisions. We'll make sure your messaging is on point, and that your website and digital footprint are as broad and effective as possible.

What our members are saying ...

John Smith
Founder of Newcomer
ThinkSynergy took my business to the next level. It is a community where everyone is welcome. It’s where ideas happen. It’s where people from all backgrounds come to work together.
Kelly Jones
Web Design
The energy, the keyboard tapping, the people. That’s what I love about ThinkSynergy.
Micheal Stone
Photographer & Writer
On my own I would hop from coffee shop to coffee shop, but now I’ve found a real home for my work, and services to help my business grow.

Membership options

Open Co-work


150/ mo

  • Unassigned desk in our open co-work space
  • All items must be taken with you at the end of the day
  • Coffee, tea, still, and sparkling water
  • Access to our member network
  • Member-only events
  • Fast Wi-Fi and printing
  • Access to lounge and kitchen

Thinkpad Suite


400/ mo

  • A dedicated desk for you and your team in a private office.
  • Prices range based on size, from $400-$650
  • Desktops can be set up and left overnight.
  • Perfect for a 2-6 person team.
  • Comes with a lockable office and filing cabinet for your personal belongings.
  • Coffee, tea, still, and sparkling water
  • Access to community's online member network
  • Member-only events
  • Fast Wi-Fi and prints
  • Access to lounge and kitchen

Home Office Suite


1750/ mo

  • Redefine your work life balance with our loft home office apartments.
  • Work and live in downtown Hartford in the historic Cast Iron Building.
  • Fully furnished loft style apartments
  • Open space concept, abundant natural light, exposed brick, and inspiring charm!
  • Lofts range between 1600 to 1850 SF
  • 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms
  • Full access to co-working space and amenities for an additional $100 per person

Don't let your dreams be dreams. Do it. Join us.

We created an environment that organically forms and nurtures a vibrant, synergistic community.

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